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WaterMark Certification

The WaterMark Certification Scheme (WMCS), is a mandatory product certification scheme for plumbing and drainage products  in accordance with the stated requirements of the (ABCB) Australian Building Codes Board document, Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme, which outlines the scheme rules.

The objective of the WMCS is to facilitate a national uniform approach to plumbing product compliance and approval for installation.

WaterMark certification is normally applied to products that are installed in the hot or cold-water supply systems or drainage systems. A comprehensive listing of plumbing products mandated as requiring WMCS, - including product types and application, specifications and exemptions - is contained in the ABCB document,  Schedule of Products (WMSP).

Similarly a detailed listing of plumbing products mandated as not requiring WMCS is contained in the ABCB document, Schedule of Excluded Products (WMEP).

The Stages of WaterMark Certification

Product Review of the applicable Standard or WaterMark Technical Specification (WMTS), Establish your set of models and types that you seek to certify; Design review; Materials used in the manufacture of the product; Product performance, functionality and durability; Marking and installation instructions; Product Type Testing at a recognised laboratory.

Initial and Surveillance Assessment onsite audit of the product manufacturing site; Product quality plan, batch release process and test reporting. CSi document PAS-007-WaterMark - Rules & Requirements provides a comprehensive overview of the CSi WaterMark, certification requirements, responsibilities and obligations for both CSi and our clients, which is available on request.

WHY CSi WaterMark Certification?

CSi are an Australian owned company that specialize in Product Certification Services to, Australian, New Zealand and global standards, locally and internationally, it is how we built our reputation and client base.

Your CSi, dedicated client manager is selected for their wealth of plumbing industry experience, knowledge and ability to work constructively alongside clients giving you peace of mind. Our people have the necessary auditing skills and experience in product certification to undertake compliance auditing in their industry sectors, ranging from small and medium sized businesses to major brands. Our expert client managers understand the issues that businesses face in the global market today.

CSi are known for being approachable, responsive and easy to work with. We are a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body and approved by the ABCB to issue WaterMark Licenses.

Our Fixed Price service is fair and competitive, clear and transparent and there are no hidden charges or surprise bills related to our service.

Our team of certification experts are ready to help your organisation achieve its plumbing compliance requirements.

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Dual Compliance Options

Stand out from the crowd with a Dual Product Certification for plumbing products which are compliant to a defined product standard that can be certified to both the WaterMark Scheme and CSi PAS-Mark Scheme.