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The Product Assessment Scheme

The intent of the Product Assessment Scheme is to create confidence with clients, consumers, manufacturers, retailers, warehouses, industry suppliers and regulators in the marketplace. This is based on the ability to demonstrate that the client – who is identified on the certificate of conformance and associated product conformance schedule – has the ability to continually produce products that comply with:

  1. the specified national;
  2. international standard specification; or
  3. industry code. 

This is established by type test evaluation of the product, combined with a CSi business review of manufacturer’s administration and production quality control process. This includes both batch inspection and testing activities.  

Recognised Test Report

  1. In Australia, a report produced by an establishment accredited for the relevant standards by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). In New Zealand a report produced by an establishment accredited for the relevant standards by the International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ);
  2. Test reports from overseas accreditation establishment are acceptable provided they have in place a Mutual Recognition Agreement, ILAC, MRA, IEC accredited laboratories.  The report should be endorsed with the respective logo of the accreditation body; 
  3. A CB test report and certificate issued under the IECEE CB Scheme; 
  4. A report from a testing establishment which has been included as part of a test report from a NATA or IANZ laboratory that is accredited for the standards and test concerned; 
  5. A report that has been produced under the supervision of CSi;
  6. A report which has been issued within the last five (5) years, prior to the date of application for product certification. Demonstrates conformance to the standard, relevant technical specification.

How the pre-certification process works

Stage One

Applicant to review the following CSi documents. 

PAS-001 Product Assessment Scheme - Rules & Requirements.
PAS-002 Terms, Conditions & Appeals Process.
PAS-003 Use of Certificate & Trademark Logo

Once the above is done, the applicant must complete form number PASF-001, Application for Product Certification and submit to CSi.

Stage Two 

Your dedicated account manager will establish contact with you to discuss the certification process. In this stage, you will also be outlined on the requirements for a representative sample of production to be type tested against the requirements of the product standard, specification or industry code. This goes hand-in-hand with the needs of the recognised test report to be provided.

Prior to a site visit, the account manager will require the manufacturer of compliant products to submit a summary of their management system for review, acceptance and registration. At a minimum, this summary must contain the following information:

  1. A position description for the nominated management representative and deputy who will be appointed and given authority (as defined in ISO 9001:2008 for those responsibilities and authorities detailed in Clauses 5.5.1, 5.5.2a, b, c and 5.6.1);
  2. An organisational chart for the client's manufacturing site;
  3. A quality policy, which will make a statement of compliance to the product standard. 

You must also provide a process flowchart that:

  • Clearly shows all significant steps in the administrative and manufacturing processes related to the certified product.
  • Clearly identifies all inspection and testing processes from incoming goods through to final inspection and testing.
  • Clearly identifies any part of the processes that shall be subcontracted off-site.
  • Shows specific references to quality system documentation; such as procedures, work instructions, inspection and test reports.
  • Includes a legend of symbols or terms used in the document.

Stage Three

Your account manager will conduct a business review of the manufacturing site where the compliant product is produced.

This review is designed to focus on a number of elements, including:

  • implementation
  • monitoring and control of the administration and manufacturing processes (in relation to the Product Assessment Scheme, product standards, specifications or industry codes).
  • The manufacturer will provide information on the range of products to be included on the product compliance schedule, together with their proposal to mark compliant product in accordance with the standard and use of the CSi, PAS-Mark logo. 

On completion of product type test evaluation, the design of all major and critical components and materials used in the product during manufacturing, assembly and testing process will be reviewed. They will also be verified, documented and frozen

The manufacturer will then ensure the infrastructure, management structure, personnel, production processes are not considerably changed to the extent that the manufacturing of compliant product would no longer comply with the Product Assessment Scheme. This includes not significantly altering the process to the extent that the nominated product standard, specification or industry code become obsolete.

Once the business review is completed, the account manager will submit the findings of the review to senior management, where it will then be assessed and accepted. A full business review report will be sent to the client within three days of the site visit, where the findings of the review will also be referenced.

Please note:

Business review findings need to be treated and processed according to your own non-conformance or corrective action system. CSi will review the corrective actions taken by the client at the next business review or visit to the manufacturing site.

Stage Four

The account manager will collect and conduct a review on recognised test reports, documentation, photographs and evidence gathered during the business review. They will then submit them together with the relevant CSi documentation for certification approval.

Once accepted by CSi for a recommendation for certification and associated documentation, a draft certificate of conformance and an associated product compliance schedule will be released to the client. Upon acceptance by the client, CSi will issue the approved documents for public release.

How the post-certification process works

Annual Business Reviews 

Business reviews are conducted every 12 months, usually within one month of the anniversary date of the certification being granted. During this time, payment is required to be made prior to an annual visit being undertaken. Failure to pay a yearly fee on time may cause the certification to be suspended or cancelled. CSi reserves the right to increase the frequency of business reviews if we receive customer complaints regarding:

a) a non-conforming product, which cannot be resolved with the clien

b) market surveillance identifying a non-conforming product

c) a manufacturer system of management and production are poorly maintained.

Making changes to the compliant product

It may be necessary to have the compliant product re-tested to affirm compliance to the product standard, specification or industry code if your compliant product undergoes:

  • considerable changes in the design of the product; or
  • when a product standard, specification or industry code, is amended or re-issued; or
  • significant changes occur to the management or infrastructure of the company.

Your Account Manager should be contacted to discuss the necessary actions to take in upholding your conditions of demonstrating continuing compliance.

Standards & Publications

Successful organisations know that efficient access to national standards and industry codes can help build better and safer products. Beyond this, businesses committed to these aspects are able to achieve national and international compliance and reduce time-to-market delays along the way.

All Australian and New Zealand standards are available to purchase direct through CSi. Delivery can be made in either electronic PDF format or hardcopy.

To place an order for a standard, please provide the following information and email your request to CSi.

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone and fax numbers
  • Company name
  • Postal address; Street number/Address, Suburb, Town/City, State, Post Code, Country
  • Standard number, year, name of standard
  • Quantity

Please email details above to;