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Product Certification

Globalisation and instant access to information, products and services continue to change the way our clients conduct business. Today's competitive environment leaves no room for error.

As a company, CSi strives to meet our clients’ needs. Within this, we relentlessly look for new ways to exceed their expectations, in the provision of product certification services. CSi aspires to generate confidence in the community. All products are manufactured, tested and marked with the PAS-Mark, and must comply with a particular National or International Standard, Specification or Industry Code.

Why choose CSi?

From the outset, we provide you with a dedicated account manager that’s specifically chosen for their management experience in the industry. Beyond this, they’re assessed on their knowledge of your particular product standards and regulatory requirements, allowing us to ensure your allocated CSi professional is the best fit for you.

Equipped with the ability to deliver a business review of your manufacturing and administrative processes – rather than just an audit – your account manager will guide you through all essential phases.

Enjoy strategic benefits

Working alongside your very own account manager allows you to take advantage of a professional who understands:

  1. your business model;
  2. personnel and variations in your product design; and
  3. how to get compliant products on the market rapidly

Our distinct process

We believe our team at CSi delivers the highest level of service possible, all at a competitive annual fee. Additionally, there are no royalties or label payments involved for the use of our certification trademark – the PAS-mark.

As we have developed an in-depth Product Assessment Scheme – which references various international standards and codes – we ensure we’re always able to identify the needs of your business.

The process of certification involves assessing an organisation against an approved set of standards to determine whether they comply with the requirements. If the organisation meets the requirements, they can be certified by CSi. From here, we then provide certification based on a number of system schemes. For more information on each of these, please click on an icon below to access in-depth details